·Short Stories ·

I don’t know if I can address you as ‘Dear’. It is a very pleasant surprise to see your message with your new mail address. 

After completing his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Satish started applying to various organizations for an appropriate position. 

पिछले सप्ताह कोचीन से मुंबई  की उड़ान में एक सज्जन मिले। साथ में उनकी पत्नि भी थीं। सज्जन की उम्र करीब 80 साल रही होगी। मैंने पूछा नहीं लेकिन उनकी पत्नी भी 75 पार ही रही होंगी

आज ऑफिस के किसी जरूरी क्लाइंट के साथ मीटिंग थी इसलिए रोहित सुबह ही उठ गया था। अपनी प्रेज़ेंटेशन को एक दफा फाइनल टच देने का सोच कॉफ़ी का मग हाथ में लिए लैपटॉप में डूबा हुआ था।

· The other Side ·


Marriage is a man-made institution, and like all institutions, over time evolving and adapting to the needs of the new generation.


There are a number of authors in India who have won this prestigious award for their remarkable works. such as V.S Naipaul, Arundhati Roy, Salman Rushdie, Arvind Adiga, and Geetanjali Shree


Well, Rakhi, StoryBerrys creator, gave me the idea! ' Soma you go on Girl Trips…do write about that! How does it feel? '


What Jhumka’ is the trending song from the movie ‘Rocky and Rani’, and so are the Jhumkas. Jhumkas are trending and we aren’t complaining. 


Alternatives to dairy milk are becoming increasingly popular for people with allergies and intolerances or for those who prefer a dairy-free diet. 


We live in the sea of expectations of all forms and sizes – small or big, simple or complicated, less or more, high or low, and many more.


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