·Short Stories ·

all of a sudden I see a dim light far away in a small hut. My hopes get rekindled. I move in the direction of the hut. Everything is still.

Immediately my friend took out thousand rupees and gave it to my maid as help.

The next day, while giving lectures, Arun was again surrounded by the same sweet fragrance. 

उसने 10 खूंखार जंगली कुत्ते पाल रखे थे। जिनका इस्तेमाल वह लोगों को उनके द्वारा की गई गलतियों पर मौत की सजा देने के लिए करता था।

हर बार की तरह अहले-सुबह गहरी नींद को बहला-फुसला कर उससे अपनी उंगलियां अनमने मन से छुड़वाकर अपनी बूढ़ी साईकल उठाकर मैं निकल पड़ा था ठंड के कारण धुंध से भरे हुए रास्ते में गुम होने के लिए…

बाबूजी को कुछ गरम खाने की इच्छा हुई, और उन्होंने ने अपनी बहु रीना को आवाज़ दिया। “बहू, आज तो लिट्टी-चोखा खाने का मौसम है।”

· The other Side ·


ये खूबसूरत पंक्तियाँ एक प्रमुख भारतीय कवयित्री और लेखिका अमृता प्रीतम द्वारा लिखी गई थीं, जिन्होंने पंजाबी और बाद में हिंदी में भी लिखा था।


Future Shock is one book which will intrigue, provoke, frighten, encourage, and, above all, change everyone who reads it.


A bit of googling told me Ram Teri Ganga Maili was shot there.. gradually I was gearing up for the trip.


Your birthday is a 'Day of Gratitude',  you must be filled with gratitude to the supreme power for allowing you to come on earth in a human body


‘O, Chikankari, Chikankari, wherefore art thou Chikankari?’ Well, this is not a scene of a play but the love for Chikankari that every woman has.


Water-borne diseases are the most common during this season. Because of the contamination of water, monsoons tend to weaken our immune system which can lead to different types of diseases.


Last year it was all about the Pop colours – Neon, Pastels which dominated the trend, and this season it is all creamy nudes and browns, chocolates that are about to dominate everyone’s fingers and toes this fall

August Challenges – last date 20th August


Story Writing

Window to a Garden, does it inspire you to write a story?

Mobile Photography

'India's Independence Day Celebration'  capture a splendid moment through your mobile camera. 

Brush Strokes

paint a Monochrome, on any subject, any medium, any colour.


Skyscrapers, the Big City – pen down the feelings it generates.