‘Rocky and Rani’ – Follow your passion.


‘Rocky and Rani’ Key message is Follow your passion.

I always believed that though the stories are written by authors, the stories are told in the minds of the readers by the way they relate to the characters and situations. So, when everyone is going ga-ga about the refreshing romance in the movie ‘Rocky and Rani’, my take was ‘See every character in the movie was happy in the end because of their creative side being satisfied.’

Rocky and Rani, the latest from Karan Johar, is a roller coaster, typical Bollywood masala love story, yet very refreshing and engaging, is about a Flamboyant Punjabi boy Rocky and an intellectual Bengali journalist female Rani fall in love despite their differences. After facing family opposition, they decide to live with each other's families for three months before getting married.

I must say I loved the movie, second best after 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hain'. 

In the movie, Rocky played by Ranveer Singh loves dancing but is not allowed to take up dancing because his father dislikes and bars him, later when he lives with Rani’s family, he realizes the importance of self-expression and learns Kathak dancing from Rani’s father.  Rani’s father on the other side is a Kathak dancer but was always ridiculed by his father as Kathak dancing is considered a female form of dancing. Rocky helps Rani’s father to overcome the feeling of low esteem, and they both together perform in a gathering.

Creativity has no gender. When we are talking about diversity in this era, then creative expression must not be stereotyped. 

What about other characters, Rocky’s mother was a very good singer but she gives up her singing after marriage, on Rani’s insistence she revives her love for music and performs at one of the Musical talent shows. She revolts against her husband when he comes to know about it. And then Ranveer’s sister, who is passionate about the stock market, also revolts against the family to pursue her passion. And on top, the old duo played by Dharmendra and Shabana Azmi, with so much ease, they fell in love because of their love for poetry.

So for me, the movie was all about Creative Expression.

Expression of our creative side not only gives us happiness but also frees us from any emotional and mind blockages. During Corona Times, I had written an article on how creativity can help you to stay positive during a negative environment. Stay Positive, Stay Creative

Pursuing your creative side should not be a retirement plan because you believe that creative pursuits have little or nothing to do with your day job. When you are young and energetic, and have ideas cluttering your mind, then expressing them through any art form helps. Investing in a creative passion will help you be better at your day job. Finding an outlet that helps clear your mind and gets you into a different state of flow leads to better performance during your 9–5 job.

Remember, expressing your creative side only will enhance your performance in the work area.

So, let your creative juices flow, and allow it to be expressed, to make you a happy and productive individual.


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