Nudes and Browns: Comeback Nail Colours in Autumn 2023


Nudes and Browns: Comeback Nail Colours in Autumn 2023


Lip gloss nails, checkered nails, pearls, oh my! As much as we love them, it’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to what’s hot and what’s not in nail trends right now. Lucky for you, you can truly never go wrong with a classic nail colour that never goes out of style. 

Colouring nails is part of every woman’s beauty regime, Indian women preferred red, pink, and maroon nail colours mostly, but the taste has changed in recent years with pop and neon colours, nail art, designer nails etc, at every corner one can find nail artists.

Last year it was all about the Pop colours – Neon, Pastels which dominated the trend, and this season it is all creamy nudes and browns, chocolates that are about to dominate everyone’s fingers and toes this fall, according to nail artists. Trend forecasters are calling deep browns “long-term” shades, so consider investing in a honey-dipped brown nail colour.

But this season the trend is towards keeping your manicure warm and natural with brown nails. So what is making Brown so much in trend? The colour brown stimulates your appetite. Looks great on mid, tanned and dark skin tones. Brown is the perfect colour for the fall/autumn and winter seasons.

Which shades of Nudes and Brown are in Trend?

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