‘Forever hain Chikankari’


‘Forever hain Chikankari’

‘O, Chikankari, Chikankari, wherefore art thou Chikankari?’ Well, this is not a scene of a play but the love for Chikankari that every woman has. I personally call it my backup plan, especially when I wish to look effortlessly graceful. All we need is a lovely Chikankari kurta and there you are – simple and elegant! It is undoubtedly comfortable, stylish and can never go out of fashion, at least in this era.

The question is why it is costly? Well, the technique of creation of a chikan work is known as chikankari. Hence, Chikan is the most delicate and artfully done hand embroidery. It is done on a variety of textile fabrics say for example – muslin, silk, chiffon georgette, semi-georgette and now also on organza, net, etc. In recent times Chikan work has adopted additional embellishments like Kamdani, Mukaish, Badla, Bead, Sequin and mirror work, which gives it a rich and classy look.

Did you know that the city of Lucknow is known as the heart of Chikankari industry and for the same reason, its work is also known as Lucknawi Chikan.

Of lately, many celebs had adorned in this lovely kurti. We have seen the very charming Madhuri Dixit romancing in Chikankari kurti in the evergreen movie ‘Dil toh pagal hai'. To name a few, celebs like Kiara Advani, Sonam Kapoor, Malaika Arora, Anushka Sharma, Kriti Sanon, Sara Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor and many more have flaunted in Chikankari and they all looked ravishing.

Sonam Kapoor

Did you know that Chikankari began in the 16th century? It is believed to have been introduced in India during the Mughal era. The technique is said to have been brought to Lucknow by Nur Jehan, the wife of Mughal Emperor Jahangir. Interesting, isn’t it?

Since monsoons have arrived, how can we miss the very popular song ‘Chum Chum Chum' from the movie Baaghi, where actress Shraddha Kapoor beautifully danced in a Chikankari kurti. Nowadays I see this beautiful work is available in stunning neon colours as well.

Shraddha Kapoor

There are a few Chikankari trends one must follow for this season 2023. As we all know Co-ord sets have become quite popular. It gives it a very young and chic look. The lovely embroidery sets in Kaftans and Kimono sets are being embraced by most women. The floral kurtis with intricate detailing Chikankari work is quite comfortable and trendy. Pastel shades to pink, soft blue to subtle greys and bold greens are the colours for this season.

The most amazing thing is; this popular delicate work has not just been loved by women but by men as well. Am sure we all remember our heartthrob Shahrukh Khan in the very popular Lucknow kurta with the famous dialogue ‘na Lucknow da kurta…’ in one of his hit movies. We have also loved Hrithik Roshan’s kurta in ‘Kabhi khushi kabhi ghum' and the count is endless.

Shahrukh Khan

It is a must-have in every individual’s wardrobe. And as you all know, white is the ‘Don of all colours’, a white Chikankari kurta can never go uncounted, be it of any gender. According to me, Chikankari looks best when it is teamed with an oxidized choker or chand balis. And even if you are in no mood to wear jewellery even then you look fashionable and elegant, such is the charm and value of a Chikankari. 

So all my lovely readers, if you don’t have a Chikankari, please add that “must have” attire in your wardrobe and be prepared to count the plethora of compliments coming your way. Please do share your experience with us.

And like I always say and believe ‘we look good when we feel good from within’. Keep smiling! 



Sweta Gupta


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