Rim Jhim gire Sawan…. Playing with Bollywood …Monsoon Masti


Rim Jhim gire Sawan….Playing with Bollywood… Monsoon Masti


Monsoon! Well, Gurgaon's having a drenched Monsoon this year! It hadn't rained like this year after I moved into NCR…I can recall one year of heavy rains, rest it's a sporadic affair, days and nights we look for the rains, and watch out for those lovely dark clouds who make the rain gods smile!

Monsoon stirs a fierce romance element in the air! With favourite playlists popping up and the cravings for that perfect chai with pakodas or being a bong it's the spicy khichuri with plain omlette and illish mach! Traffic snarls, poodles in the road yet we wait for the rains…long and crave for the monsoons! I turn on my Monsoon Playlist….

'Rim jhim gire sawan ' ….
Well for old-school people, the song's a delight, like the lyrics, it settles subtly and stealthily along with the music! Like the first drizzle of the season, the song tickles and plays with the senses as we watch a suit-tie-clad Amitabh romancing Moushumi Chatterjee in a saree in Marine Drive. Recently the viral video when the song was shot in the same location by an elderly couple took us again by storm literally and we were drenched in the Mumbai monsoons beaming, swaying with love!


'Lagi Aaj sawan ki phir wo jhadi hain '
Well since the playlist is mine it's full of mush and old-school love and heartbreaks! Handsome hunk Vinod Khanna swooning over his deceased girlfriend. From drizzle to storm, Bollywood has it all! Fledgling romance to nostalgia my deep sighs mingle with the roar of the storm!


'Tip tip barsa pani'…
Yeah, what's Bollywood if it isn't cheesy, objectifying women, and double-meaning lines! Guess the song was/is a rage..from crassy to classy with awkward borderline vulgar moves to some amount of chemistry and youthful vigour thrown in by the lead characters. The sexy yellow saree-clad Raveena Tandon and the athletic Akshay… yeah never my favourite monsoon melody but guess it's worth a mention! Actually, the teenager me adored Akshay Kumar in this song!


'Rimjhim rimjhim rumjhum rumjhum bheege bheege rut mein…tum hum hum tum'
The lyrics flow like poetry, like the platter of droplets on roof, the romantic duet was subtle, sensuous and poetry! Sensuous Manisha Koirala romancing in the quaint cottage of Himachal…ah this is pure monsoon romance!

Sawan barse tarse dil'…
Being a nineties teen when cable tv channels were going overboard with playing songs, from waiting eagerly to twice a week Chitrahar to watching music videos entire day that too newly released ones…it was a miracle! This song with the cute Akshay Khanna and petite Sonali Bindre stole our hearts! Two lovers braving rains to meet on the streets of Monsoon drenched Mumbai! Hariharan's voice adds the extra zing and we love monsoon more.

'Badal yu garazta hain '
Well many might not recall, but the use of thunder and lightning in the video and the suggestive music of hero heroine getting intimate in the gazebo! Young brawny Sonny Deol getting intimate with Amrita Singh with the storm outside..I do hum it till date!



Yeah yeah, I left out many…Raj Kapoor/ Nargis in ' Ye raat bheegi bheegi ', Baritone Kishore Kumar in ' Ek ladki bheegi bhagi si', might be Kareena Kapoor romancing Rahul Bose in ' Bhage re man kahi, aage re man kahi', or Kishore/ Lata , ' Bheegi bheegi raaton mein ', or my favourite haunting ' Sawan ko aane do!' And oh yes Aamir Khan tap dancing with an umbrella in Amit Kumar's ' Tip tip tip tip baarish shuru ho gayi '

Bollywood plays with our senses, teasing and tickle them with love, nostalgia, and intimacy in the monsoons! Yeah, my list can be way off beat but so packed with love, romance and dream sequences! I can't end this without my favourite Monsoon line of course by none other than Gulzar

' Ek akeli chatri mein jab aadhe aadhe bheeg rahe the
Aadhe sukhe aadhe gile, sukha to main le aayi thi
Geela man shyad bistar ke pass pada ho
Wo bhijwa do…Mera wo saman Lauta do'

This sums it up…love, desire, abandon, pride and the nostalgic romance of sharing an umbrella symbolic of sharing and baring soul!

Let's open our hearts and soul, and love like we want to this monsoon! The spouses would be in for some major shock!


Soma Bhattacharjee





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