Born Free, Die Free


Born Free, Die Free

‘Born Free’ This word has remained stuck with me for many years since I saw the 1966 British Movie ‘Born Free’ about a Lioness brought by a couple who sets her free in a forest as they realize her basic right. This movie made a huge impression on me when I was young, and I used to ponder what about Humans – are we not supposed to be Born-Free? 

In general terms, ‘Born-Free’ means the right to live one’s life on one’s own terms.  That is what we all aspire to, but hardly we are able to live life the way we want to.

In his famous quote, the famous Genevan philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau stated in the 18th Century, “Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains.”   

Those who are free from all these chains then they are entangled in a mental chain of relationships burden or own created problems. We can never be free from the chains, that is what the ‘Karma’ philosophy says, which I understood more when I grew up. Sometimes many things are not understood when it happens to us but later, realized the only reason could be ‘Karma’. Perhaps, our birth is all about settling the karmic debts.

If we are not Born Free, then can we Die Free? Is it really possible?  Many say we cannot take anything along with us when we die, but I think it is not true really; we carry another set of Karmic debts with us.

So, freedom is itself a confusing word, freedom from what? Freedom has different meanings to different people. Freedom from physical chains? mental chains? or karmic chains?


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  • Rakhi Sunil Kumar

    Rakhi Sunil Kumar has published three fictions – ‘Dancing Mirrors’, ‘Bougainvillea Anywhere Everywhere’ and ‘Songs of Water’. She has worked in IT for 30 Years, and now pursuing her interest in Creative Writing!

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