Costume Jewellery is changing the Indian Jewellery landscape!


Costume Jewellery is changing the Indian Jewellery landscape!


Traditionally Indian women loved Gold, Silver, Diamonds or precious stones jewellery. Every Indian woman, rich or poor, would surely have a minimum of gold jewellery. I remember my mother’s generation and women of earlier generations who would look down upon women who would wear artificial jewellery. It was a complete NO for them.  Gold jewellery was more a status symbol than a love for the jewellery. At weddings, the women of the family would flaunt the wealth of the family by wearing precious jewellery. But in current times the trend has changed.

The acceptance of Costume jewellery amongst Indian women is increasing. One of the driving factors is surely the skyrocketing price of gold, silver, and precious stones, but costume jewellery affordability is not the only reason, the unlimited designs and easy availability of costume jewellery is making them the preferred choice. Whatever the occasion be, wearing costume jewellery is the new norm. Nowadays brides no longer prefer to wear traditional gold and silver jewellery at their weddings. For every event of the wedding, the look and the jewellery are accordingly decided – Floral, polka, western jewellery, every kind of jewellery is showcased.

Coming to the jewellery trend this season. We have a plethora of options right from mismatched beaded jewellery, to old retro flowered jewellery. We also have candy-coloured jewellery, the natural pearl necklaces. Fine jewellery body chains have become quite popular among youngsters. Ribbon chokers are back in fashion once again. And then, classic black oxidised metal jewellery is always in fashion.

Like all fashions in India, movie stars are the trendsetters in Jewellery fashion too. From yesteryears Movies, one cannot forget the beautiful choker worn by Wahida Rehman in the movie ‘CID’, Meena Kumari’s jewellery in ‘Pakeezah’, Madhubala’s jewellery in 'Mughal-e-Azam' or the choker worn by Bubbly Mumtaaz in the ‘Brahmachari’, or the black choker popularized by Zeenat Aman ; they were truly the trendsetters.




But in recent times, it is the Yashraj Banner, Karan Johar, and Sanjay Bhansali movies that have become the jewellery trendsetters, Karan Johar has even launched his own jewellery company TYAANI. In addition to movies, even the beautiful bahus of TV serials are the major influencers. Then one cannot ignore the Social media platforms, online influencers and online fashion blogs that have raised consumer awareness of fashion and increased demand for inexpensive yet fashionable jewellery. 

Traditional jewellery designs will be always in demand. The traditional jewellery worn by Aishwarya in ‘Jodha Akbar’ became the most loved look by brides. Later, the ‘Padmavat’ nose ring became very popular. How can we not mention veteran actress ‘Kirron Kher, who had gracefully worn traditional Kundan jewellery in many TV shows?


In recent times, actresses are experimenting with their jewellery, going beyond traditional jewellery designs.

Kareena Kapoor had worn a flower choker in the movie “Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum”. Deepika Padukone multicoloured choker at Cannes 20222 became the trend of the season. Urvashi Rautela wore a crocodile necklace in Cannes 2023 that caught the attention of the netizens for all the wrong reasons. Well, whatever the reason, in my opinion, she looked fab in that neckpiece. This just goes unsaid that a statement neckpiece is all that every woman must have.

Costume Jewellery’s landscape is unlimited – weddings, parties, fancy, corporate, western, daily wear, college fashion, black metal, oxidised or even hand-made with a bit of art or beads. Costume Jewellery is easily available online and also in retail shops. There are many branded players like Zaveri Pearls, Rubans, OLIO, ABAMA, MYRHA, MISHO, ESTELLE and more, every day a new brand is getting launched in the market, for the reason that there is a growing demand in the costume jewellery market.

My favourite among this year’s trends is the chunky finger rings and thick chains. Colourful bangles and stacked chains/ layered chains, are also there to be added in the fashion radar of jewellery for this season.



Apart from the aforesaid jewellery, delicate silver bangle bracelets or a fine gold chain are quite popular among those who love to flaunt their jewellery regularly. Initially, minimal delicate jewellery was accepted in the Corporate industry. Now, acceptance of trendy jewellery has penetrated the Corporate world too. Whatever you wear, statement jewellery – be it a neckpiece or a finger ring is all that you need to add to have a touch of glamour to your overall appearance.

So all my beautiful ladies, go grab some lovely jewellery as per your choice and make your fashion statement because ‘you look good when you feel good from within’.

Awaiting to hear your valuable feedback.


Sweta Gupta






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  1. Hansika Gupta says:

    A really descriptive and beautiful account of your opinions and the trends!❤️👍🏻

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