The trending Sarees of the year 2023 ‘Organza Sarees’


The trending Sarees of the year 2023 ‘Organza Sarees’


When it comes to 'Sarees', the year 2023 belongs to Organza Sarees, they are very much in trend! Being a lightweight fabric, it is becoming popular across age groups, especially the youth. The sheer texture of the fabric, the floral pattern with a light Zari work, or heavy Banarsee embroidery makes it a classic wear for any occasion- a party, gathering, or marriage, and with its floral prints it’s a classic summer wear!


Let us first know more about the Organza Fabric:

Organza is a type of lightweight plain weave fabric. This type of fabric is sheer, which means that it is woven in an extremely low density that results in a transparent and relatively flimsy textile. Although it was originally made of silk, the need for creating a fabric with greater tensile strength but the same gossamer look resulted in the use of nylon and polyester threads, either completely or partially in the creation. Nowadays, different appeals can be created by modifying the weave of the filaments.

The tale of dreamy organza fabric is a glorious one. One of the prettiest and most luxurious dress fabrics, it was lavishly used during the Victorian era. It is believed to have travelled to Europe from China via the silk route and become a massively loved and preferred dress material amongst luxury French and Italian designers.

In India, too, organza has been a part of fashion for decades and made a grand comeback in recent years, bringing back the beauty of delicate sheer across ethnic as well as the contemporary fashion industry.


Popular Organza Sarees :


Organza Sarees are the latest Sarees in trend, whether the Banarsee Silk ones or the floral printed ones, or the designer ones. The common man or the celebrities, the young girls or the women, at college functions, office parties or wedding parties, everyone is flaunting Organza Sarees.

For Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt's wedding celebrations, Kareena Kapoor picked out a pastel pink organza saree from Manish Malhotra. Actress Kajol wore a green hand-painted organza saree at Navami Puja! Recently Alia Bhat wore a pure silk organza saree that captured the essence of hand embroidery as it holds an intricate and heavy hand adda work visible as broad borders here.




1) ORGANZA SILK SAREES are mostly made of silk weave and are for occasions where a bit of a casual look yet want to preserve that extravagant look of organza. The sarees are fashionable and easily bought with many designs and prints.


2) PLAIN Normal organza sarees are made from natural or synthetic fibres, like nylon or polyester. The sarees have the normal thin weave and share the extravagant look you expect from organza sarees. The plain organza sarees are very simple with no design prints, emphasising the material sheerness and the overall colour and quality and can be worn for any occasion and require no such recommendation.

3) Banarasee organza silk sarees are very popular, the design of Banarasee sarees mostly includes silver and gold brocade of Zari, which is warped at regular intervals of the saree weave. This type of saree is mostly created for wedding ceremonies, marriages, anniversaries and other formal occasions.

4) Kanchi organza sarees have the simplicity and the sheer elegance of being the perfect saree for most women. It has a comfortable yet traditional look as well. The design of the Kanchi organza saris is greeted with a long patch border, along with various other designer prints on the saree itself. The colour that is used here the most is gold or silver. The fabric that is used in this saree is mostly Kanjeevaram Silk. This saree is great for summer and can be worn on any formal or casual occasion.

5) Printed organza sarees are named after their looks, where the saree is printed wholly with numerous designer prints, along with multiple colours used to bring more pop to the look. Printed organza saris have very simple and extravagant designs. There can be flowers, roses, leaves, tree branches, and many other unique designs. This style and design are mostly made for casual or everyday wear.

An organza saree is a must-have for every woman who loves wearing Sarees. If you do not have any yet in your collection, then go ahead and buy one!




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