StoryBerrys Tribute to India’s most successful Ad campaign creator Sylvester daCunha, Amul Baby


StoryBerrys Tribute to India’s most successful Ad. creator Sylvester daCunha, Amul Baby Campaign


The bubbly Amul girl is in tears, following the death of her creator Sylvester daCunha.

Advertising industry veteran Sylvester daCunha who created the iconic 'Amul Girl' campaign passed away on June 20, 2023. He was 80 and was the brain behind the 'Utterly Butterly' campaign for Amul and the one who introduced the 'Amul Girl' to the world in 1966.

StoryBerrys pays tribute to Sylvester daCunha, the creator, for creating India's most successful Advertisement campaign, which is running for more than 60 years now!

“He is the man behind the Amul girl. He has been part of Amul’s advertising for six decades. Obviously, Amul owes a lot to him for the entire branding he gave to Amul and giving this Amul girl to the world and making it the world’s longest advertising campaign with a single character,” Jayen Mehta, Managing Director of Amul Marketer Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd said.

The Amul topical campaign featuring the immortal ‘Amul girl’ was designed for Amul butter with the tagline ‘Utterly Butterly Delicious’. Significantly, the topical concept helped Amul strike a connection with consumers and producers and farmers alike.

Call her the billboard star but with the next-door neighbour appeal, the Utterly-Butterly girl has managed to keep her fan following intact for over 50 years. Round-eyed, chubby-cheeked, winking at you, from strategically placed hoardings at many traffic lights. She is the Amul moppet everyone loves to love. How often have we stopped, looked, and chuckled at the Amul hoarding that casts her some time as the coy, shy Madhuri, a bold sensuous Urmila or simply as herself, dressed in her little polka-dotted dress and a red and white bow, holding out her favourite packet of butter.

It all began in 1966 when Amul changed its advertisement strategy for its butter product line. Amul began playing the role of a social observer through its advertisements. Sylvester daCunha, the Managing Director of the advertising agency ASP was roped in, to create the legendary Amul Girl campaign. The country saw the birth of a campaign whose charm has endured fickle public opinion, gimmickry and all else. The campaign featuring the Amul Girl captured the adoration of millions and garnered widespread recognition.

If the Naxalite movement was happening thing in Calcutta, Amul would be up there on the hoardings saying, “Bread without Amul Butter, cholbe na cholbe na (won’t do, won’t do). If there was an Indian Airlines strike Amul would be there again saying, Indian Airlines Won’t Fly Without Amul. Amul girl transforms herself into different personalities or accompanies different personalities. The personalities are easy to recognize as they are often the ones in the news that week, like the recent ad where she congratulated 'Alia Bhat and Ranbir Kapoor' on the birth of their daughter.

And surprisingly, the Amul girl does not even have a name, but everyone knows who she is. 

Today the Amul Girl and its advertisement campaigns itself have become a brand of its own. People may not even buy Amul products but they look forward to Amul girl ads.


What made the Amul Girl advertisement so unique?

Companies use different methods in designing their advertisement campaigns. The primary goal of any advertisement is to register itself in the subconscious mind of consumers and form an instant emotional connection. For this, one of the popular strategies deployed by companies is to attach themselves to a Social cause.  But to convey the message, advertisements use different techniques. Deploying the right technique is crucial, this is where Amul Advertisements stand out.

Amul advertisements are unique and are a treat for a common man as well as a linguist. It touches the heart of millions with simple messages. They use punning, portmanteaus and parodies of popular proverbs, expressions, acronyms, famous dialogues, songs etc are employed to convey the message in a humorous way.  Using humour with a tinge of sarcasm, it conveys the society mood and reaction on the current situations, whether it is about Cricket match or arrival of Bill Gates.

In all story mediums,  adopting right approach to tell the story is important. Many times even if the content is good but for the dull story telling approach, the story is not able to grab the attention of audience. In advertisements it is even more important, as in timeframe of 30-40 seconds,  they have to grab the consumer attention,  enter  and stay in their sub-conscious mind.


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