Down the Haunting lane of Auschwitz…


Down the Haunting lane of Auschwitz…


The mood was as such sombre knowing the place we were heading towards on the sixth day of our tour to Eastern Europe. The memories of the Holocaust seemed far more etched in the minds of the people here than I thought. It was as if everyone was still recovering and the Holocaust Memorials that I visited so far always had one or two fresh roses strewn on them, but, this was nothing compared to the place we were about to visit now.

As our bus entered the village of Osweism, I knew we were near the most notorious and largest concentration camp that ever existed, Auschwitz. All the memoirs that I had read and all the movies that I had seen, came flashing in front of my eyes. My heartbeat was raised when the tour manager pointed us to the brick structure and the railway track and said, “Here we are at the largest of concentration camps and your tour will be guided by Witold”.

After a long queue of security matching that of an airport, we reached an open space where we all gathered with our headsets on as our guide joined us. At that moment, I felt like a Jewish woman being marched towards the selection queue, It was an inexplicably haunting feeling.

The hypocrisy of Nazis starts from the gate which says working your way 2 freedom in German, a false statement that one would rather read working your way to death. Barack after Barack, signs of ‘Halt', the scary fence And the death wall, everything was unfolding before our eyes. I wondered, who lived here, the devil?

The worst was yet to come as Witold took us to view the gas chamber. A narrow doorway leading to the hall of not more than 30 feet in length and width. The worn-out walls and the air were so heavy as if hundreds of people were breathing together. A chill ran down my spine as I imagined nearly 1000 people being crammed inside the hall, half may have Perished due to suffocation. It was horrifying.

Our eyes filled with tears and prayers came out automatically. All that I saw has humbled me for the rest of my life and I pledged that I would tell The story of my visit to everyone. George Santayana quoted, “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.

'Hitler and Nazis' is probably the darkest chapter in the history of mankind and we must never forget ever that hunger for power can take the devil out of you. My heart goes out to all these innocents who lost their lives in the mindless act of terror and cruelty. Respect to those who braved it and lived to tell the truth



Rakhi Chanda





  • Rakhi Chanda

    Rakhi Chanda is very well know artist, Water colours and Acrylics interests her. Ancient History, Culture and Arts attracts her the most. She had done numerous group shows across India.

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9 Responses

  1. Mahesh Vijapurkar says:

    It was, as other concentration camps were, a hell in this world. How far can a man go to invent lies and go after people simply because of race or faith of the other?

    • Rakhi Chanda says:

      I feel disgusted and awful when I think that a bunch of well educated men with high intellect spent their precious time, thoughts and money to invent ways and means to kill fellow humans more efficiently and made an entire nation to think that it was justified as well.

  2. Polly Handique says:

    A very well – written article.
    The words used in each n every sentences compelled me to feel the grave situations occurred at that time of history.
    The photographs spoke much about it. Beautifully captured. ❤

  3. Manjula Dubey says:

    The horror of the camps comes alive in your narration.Its extremely difficult to imagine the cruelty, the violence and the sufferings those prisoners went through..

  4. Dhrubajyoti Pathak says:

    A Very Beautifully written n well collaborated empathetic article along with Beautiful Pics…

  5. Mou Dutta says:

    Hitler said, ” I suppose one could say that Hitler didn’t betray his self”… Yes, he did not. But millions of Germans did betray their selves. That was the tragedy. Not that One Man had the courage to be evil. But that millions had not the courage to be good.
    A very well written article Rakhi.

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