Trendiest Hair Makeovers for 2023!

Trendiest Hair Makeovers for 2023!


Am sure most of us must have heard men often find women with beautiful long thick hair as fascinating. Ever wondered why? Because hair adds up sensuality. Hair uplifts the entire look of any person. Be it of any gender. Though in this hustle and bustle of life, it has become quite challenging to maintain the density of the hair but we all make some efforts to do something about our so-called asset ‘Hair’.

Today, we have come up with the trendiest hairstyles that are in demand for 2023. Am sure most ladies must have gone through the craze to colour their hair at one point in time, right? We’ll talk about a few trendiest haircuts/hairstyles for this year.

Blunt Collarbone cut has become quite popular among working women because it is easy to maintain. Deepika Padukone recently flaunted the hairstyle in the popular song ‘Jhoome jo pathan’ flaunted that trend.


Deepika Padukone Blunt Collarbone cut

Along with this is the French bob, the butterfly layers and wolf cuts, tapered haircut with bangs are quite in. The grey hair trend and blow-drying long hair are also loved by most. Yes, you noticed it correctly, this year ladies are moving into short haircuts. Say for example from a classic bob cut to the new trendy long bob cut is what one can go for. Recently actress Shraddha Kapoor surprised everyone with short hair cut.


Actress Shraddha Kapoor short hair look

This season low maintenance hairstyle is quite popular among women. I was pondering as to why short hair is in trend this season. Well, I suppose, the mid-length hair cannot bring in much drama compared to the short-length hair. But always remember, the trend comes and goes. If you are having lovely hair locks, do give them a thought before chopping them off to match up with the current trend. You must understand what suits your face structure. Just a little bit of hair hacks can give you a fresh look.

Hairbands as per your attire can bring in that youthfulness in you. You can wear them on various occasions, like in the office, at the gym or even on an evening out with your friends or family.


Apart from the haircuts, you can also try a loose long braid for that bohemian look or simply go for a side ponytail. This adds up fresh playfulness to your appearance. There is a plethora of hair hacks that one can opt for. My favourite is the messy bun look, which looks chic, effortlessly elegant, and youthful. Most ladies are not sure which layers of haircut should they go for. Since this year most of the trendiest hair styles are about layers.

As my hair stylist says,

  • Anyone who is having thick hair can go for layers. That will make them look lighter in weight.
  • If one is having fine and thin hair, light layers will be preferred. The hairstylist further explained that there is some basic thump rule for certain haircuts of different face structures.
  • The face looks long with longer hair. Hence, Bangs or shorter hair is mostly preferred.
  • The oval face is the most blessed in terms of hairstyles because almost all haircuts flatter their look.
  • Did you know that curls and choppy ends look brilliant on a square face?
  • Try to avoid shorter hair length as this may add width to the round shape face. Go for something which is below the chin and add volume on the top as it elongates the face.

Wasn’t this a knowledgeable interaction? At least, for me – it was!

This year hair colour has also come back to stay for a while. I was impressed to watch the recent most popular Punjabi Singer Jasmine Sandlas who looked stunning in her long red hair looks in the new song ‘Ittar’

Singer Jasmine Sandlas

During my childhood days, I used to love having fringes on the forehead, it was quite popularly known as the ‘Rasna cut’. Also ‘Sadhana cut’ was very popular, why? Because they were able to carry it off well and leave a marked impression, which is why many people still remember it to date. ‘Parveen Babi’, one of my favourite actresses,  I just loved her long beautiful hair. Never be discouraged by what you don’t have, do what makes you feel best. Let me tell you that apart from the vivid hair tricks, hair colours are also that one can swag in this year.

Actress Sadhna Fringe cut known as Sadhana Cut

Rasna Babay Hair Cut

Strawberry Blonde still continues to conquer this year. And if you are not bold enough to go for full red then you can pick a Copper hair look. Low-maintenance platinum hair colour is being welcomed by many. Viva magenta is a colour that a lot of ladies are trying and it's coming out brilliantly. All with ease and grace.


When we are talking about blonde hair, how can we miss out on the evergreen veteran actress Helen who left a remarkable memory of her blonde hair look in most of her popular hit songs? This itself speaks that the blonde was very popular during that era as well.

Helen with Blonde Look

Ladies! What are you waiting for? Please try out a new haircut or a new hair colour this year. Try and come up with a fresh new avatar of yourself because every woman is herself a diva. And like I always repeat and follow one mantra. You look good when you feel good from within. Stay happy and stylish until we come up with our new edition. Do share your valuable feedback with us.


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