The 1952 movie ‘Daag’ was produced and directed by Amiya Chakravarthy. Acted by Dilip Kumar, Nimmi, Usha Kiran and Lalita Pawar. The movie is considered one of the best movies of Dilip Kumar, for which he won the first-ever award in the Best Actor category for his performance in this film.

The movie dealt with the subject of addiction to liquor drinking, such an impact movie had, that the Government of India used it to promote the implementation of alcohol prohibition, they arranged many free public shows.

In brief,

Shankar (Dilip Kumar) and his mother live a life of poverty. To earn money he makes and sells mud toys. Being the lone breadwinner of the family, he is unable to meet the needs. His debt starts rising steadily when he gets addicted to alcohol. He is attracted to Parvati (Nimmi), a poor neighbour who lives with her stepbrother Jagat Narayan, his wife and their daughter Pushpa.

After an argument with his mother, Shankar leaves for the city, manages to give up drinking and earns a lot of money. He then returns home and pays off his mortgage. With new confidence, he proposes to marry Parvati. But he is then told that Parvati's marriage has been arranged elsewhere.

Broken, he starts drinking again and his mother also dies at this stage. He starts drinking heavily and starts walking on the path of self-destruction. The only thing which can save his life is Parvati's love. But her parents are an obstacle as they believe that the alcoholic Shankar can never become a good man in life. In a dramatic turn of events, however, Jagat Narayan agrees to get Parvati married to him. Shankar again manages to quit the drinking habit and the film finally finishes with a happy ending.

The moving scene from the movie is when –

Parvati tries her best to make Shankar leave his drinking habit. Once she acts in such a way that Shankar realizes the ill effects of liquor. He promises Parvati not to drink any more.

Delighted Parvati immediately goes to Shankar’s house and tells Shankar’s mother about changes in Shankar. The mother gets ecstatic. Both of them are jubilant. Mother offers sweets to God and thanks him for this favour. Her long-standing demand was fulfilled. She is now waiting for Shankar’s arrival and embracing him warmly. After a short time, the mother hears the footsteps of Shankar. She runs out eagerly stretching her hands to hug him.

But the mother realizes that Shankar has come drunk. All her hopes get shattered. She picks up a stick and beats Shankar left and right.  The anti-climax deeply moves the audience.


The director Amiya Chakravarty moves the camera in such a way that the scene makes a permanent place in the heart of the audience. The intense acting by the mother (Lalita Pawar) and Shankar (Dilip Kumar) makes a deep impact.

Truly, the scene was successful in creating disgust about liquor in the audience.

Catchy, heart-churning songs by Shankar Jaikishan, are a plus point for the movie.


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