Healthy Lifestyle is the only way to Glowing Skin


Healthy Lifestyle is the only way to Glowing Skin


Beauty Industry thrives on the craving need of every individual to have a glowing and healthy skin. The market is flooded with products claiming to give instant results. Youtube has all weird kind of DIY skin care suggestions even some guaranteeing Korean glass skin glow. Earlier we had celebrities telling us what makes them beautiful and now we have Influencers added who recommend all sort of products to you. On top make-up videos are the most watched videos on youtube.

But one must avoid falling into this trap of marketing for we must remember that our skin is also an organ of our body, and is actually the largest one. Our skin absorbs whatever we apply on the skin and precipitates also whatever it cannot absorb in the form of acne, pimples, dandruff, and other skin problems. One must recollect the famous Johnson and Johnson Baby powder case in US, where the court forced J&J to pay $2.5 billion to 20 women who had claimed that its baby powder was the cause for their ovarian cancer. So one must cautiously use any beauty product, even if of big brand.

For a glowing and healthy skin, there is no shortcut, one must follow a healthy diet and lifestyle. Our skin’s texture is 80% influenced by the internal nutrition we intake, and 20% external factors like Sun exposure, pollution matter. Hence, it is equally important that the external nutrition which we apply on our skin should also be healthy.


External Nutrition

We must remember that whatever we apply on skin is absorbed by the skin and reaches our blood. Hence whatever one cannot consume directly through our mouth also must not be applied on the skin. One must apply natural ingredients which may take time to show results but in long run they will not harm the skin. One can apply Honey, Turmeric, Gram flour(Besan), curd, fruits, Cucumber, tomato, Aloe Vera, Oils etc to maintain a healthy skin.

A few important points:

  1. It is important that one must follow Skin care routine with a discipline. Just like our body, our skin also needs regular supply of nutrition, irrespective of the age.
  2. Skin has a natural way of removing the dead Cells. Vigorous and frequent exfoliation may damage the skin, and cause premature aging. Use soft scrubs like Orange peel powder mixed with curd.
  3. Aloe vera gel has a great healing property. In the morning take a pint of Aloe vera gel, mix with 1-2 drops of glycerine and 1-2 drops of castor oil. Apply on skin for 15-20 minutes, this will repair the skin to a great extent.
  4. Make sure to always remove your makeup before hitting the bed. Make up clogs the skin pores. The skin needs to breathe overnight.


Internal Nutrition

  1. Stay hydrated –Drinking water improves skin’s elasticity and reduces signs of dryness and roughness, resulting in smoother skin.
  2. Eating – Antioxidant-rich foods like leafy greens, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables, and fatty fish, such as salmon. Adding probiotics to your diet may help to prevent skin conditions, such as eczema and acne, as well as skin damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) light. Include nuts  like almond and walnuts in diet. Healthy fat like Ghee should be included in diet.
  3. Quit smoking. Internal and external exposure to tobacco smoke causes premature skin aging and wrinkles, and a higher risk of skin disorders, including acne and psoriasis. It also impairs skin’s ability to heal itself.
  4. Drinking less alcohol. Drinking too much can cause dehydration, which will lead to dry skin and premature aging.


Along with a Healthy external and internal nutrition for the skin, one must adopt a Healthy lifestyle which includes regular exercise in any form to improve blood circulation and toxic release, positive thoughts, meditation, and sufficient sleep – to make your skin happy, glowing and problem free.













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