‘The Kerala Story’ –Women Trafficking!


‘The Kerala Story’ – Women Trafficking!

The recently released movie ‘The Kerala Story’ is making headlines, everyone is talking about it. Some say it’s eye-opening, some are saying propaganda and some are saying, it’s important to impart religious teachings from a young age. I got to watch the movie on the first day of release, and my reaction was total numbness when I came out of the hall. The same feeling of numbness I had after watching the movie ‘The Kashmir Files’, as these films provoke you to think, how low humanity can go down for an ideology, and then the world talk of being in the modern era. Occasionally only such movies come that show the mirror to society.

Coming to ‘The Kerala Story’, the film focuses on two points 1) the planned conversion of Hindu girls to Islam and 2) Luring the girls to join ISIS where they end up becoming Sex-slaves.

The first point ‘The planned conversion of Hindu Girls’ has taken everyone’s slice of mind.  In media, for the last many years mass conversion stories were coming in tits and bits, but cinema being a powerful media of communication has delivered the message in a hard-hitting way, hence everyone is alarmed and perhaps reflective. Amid all discussions, the second point ‘Woman Trafficking’ which is the driving reason for this conversion got the back seat, and this is what I would like to deliberate on in this article.

‘The Kerala Story’ claims that 32000 Hindu/Christian girls were converted in Kerala. Though there is no official figure on how many of them joined ISIS, one cannot miss out on the number of Indian Muslim girls (by birth) who also would have been lured to join ISIS.  If we consider them too, then the number of Indian women trafficked to become ISIS brides /sex slaves would be very high.   

Whenever it is war or conflict, sex slaves are in demand.

History is full of such horror stories of women trafficking and sex-slavery- invasions and conquering, world wars, conflicts, and radical ideologies, women had to go through their own battle for dignity and survival.

Recently I watched the movie ‘Sisu’, which is set during Germany and Finland's real-life Lapland War in 1944. One of the unforgettable scenes is the captured Finnish woman taken into a truck, along with the Nazi troop, and used as Sex-slaves for the soldiers. There are many such stories during Nazi invasions.

We hear about the thriving sex industry in Thailand, but many do not know the reason behind it.  In the 1950s the presence of US military bases in developing countries such as Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam created opportunities for wage labour based on selling sex. As a result, poor women in the countries hosting superpower bases were integrated into an international political economy via sexual imperialism. 

In current times women's sex slavery is probably at its highest peak when young girls are abducted or deceived for marriages, and or pregnancies, and end up being sex slaves. They are threatened physically and psychologically harmed. They contract sexually transmitted diseases from rape, and abuse and starvation are common. Most of them die from poor conditions in captivity or are tortured or murdered.  

Apart from War or conflict, another form of women's trafficking is rampant nowadays, where ever the female population is low, women are bought from outside to be used as sex slaves by many and then sold again or left to die. In China, one of the most devastating effects of the One Child Policy and the sex ratio imbalance is a sharp uptake in demand for sex trafficking to China, particularly forced prostitution and trafficking for marriage.

Even in India, stories of women being trafficked to certain villages of Punjab have emerged where female infanticide was rampant in the last few decades. There is a large number of girl children trafficked from neighbouring countries like Nepal and Bangladesh. Girls aged 10-12 are preferred because they are easy to mould for these purposes. Although child trafficking is done for purposes also like bonded labour and kidney transplantation suppliers, the major reason for girl child trafficking is prostitution along with child pornography.  The number of trafficked girl children is more than 10 million worldwide and 1.2 million in India only.

One must remember, that women trafficking is not limited to those in the most disadvantaged positions. As we see in the ISIS case, the women from well-to-do families and educated backgrounds were brainwashed across the world not only in India, and the only purpose was to use them as sex slaves for their militia, and it does no matter how they get them, from where they got them, whether converted or non-converted, they hardly cared!

As the world is claiming to become more modern and inclusive, in contrast, the stories of women's oppression and trafficking are increasing. I sometimes ponder, the next conflict in the world would be perhaps between men and women, for how much more and how long women can take it? Just a thought, how that world would be when men and women live separately!



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