The Beautiful Fine Lines!


The Beautiful Fine Lines!


The lines were fine, clear settled comfortably beneath the eyes adding puff and decades to her face. The silver streaks glinted brightly beneath the worn-off colour in her hair. Yeah, there's no escape…she has aged. Looking down, her bra needs to be pulled up at times, tummy tuckers can't tuck the tummy in any more! Doesn't she look like the average forty-something in her country? Come to think of it when did she look as women looked in their primes, flat stomach, and chiseled features? That wasn't her ever.

She recalled her sixteen to around twenty-five-year-old self. Plump, under confident, not a trace of make-up, well avoided by confident young men. But did that stop her from dreaming, delving deep into the ocean of romance in literature and movies? Basking in her glory of finding herself, reveling in the world unfurling lazily about her, the joy of waiting for the unknown, of someone like her, someone who would see through her looks. She was in no hurry! The confidence of being herself, of the books she read and the music she listened to…there would be people who would resonate! And she had met such people, not soulmates but occasional boyfriends and later a friendly husband. With a stable job and a little bit of success, her wardrobe was revamped gradually. From bohemian to elegance, she could nail it all slowly… so much that ageing seemed fun!

Ageing was fun. You stop caring about peers and discover what you want, and what outfit you can carry, an elegant mature Riddhi with her unique style had emerged from the clumsy, small-town, plain Riddhi! As was obvious from the appreciative glances of peers, and odd colleagues she has evolved or still evolving.

The forties found her more confident, and elegant than ever. A woman who could be raunchy, someone who was on the way to discovering her sexual pleasures, sixteen to the onset of her thirties did not lead her to her pleasures, contrary to the hyped concepts. The youth was chirpy and lively yet only age has led her to her own self when she was comfortable in her skin.

But then she would be touching her mid-forties soon. She felt the bags beneath her eyes again, her not-so-fine features, the greying streaks, impending menopause, growing teenage daughter…yet she felt beautiful, raunchy at times, full of desires at others…the hunger for good sex was at its best…can women of her age relate to this…?

She doesn't know really, women don't talk about sex, their desires. Most of the time they go along with the age-old wrong notions about female sexuality…does not always give her fulfilment. Well, no book or movie told her that in her youth. She had to find on her own…implore her partner to drive her towards pleasure. Well, times are changing, female sexuality is more explicit than ever.

Age has brought her here at this juncture. She is in a comfortable middle management position, where actually people look up to her, newbies in the office adore her, and she can feel through their attitude. Her teenage daughter Abritti coining her own world like Riddhi had once.

Abritti was nothing like Riddhi had once been, she was tall and athletic but yes, she lacked confidence all the same, she used to be a nobody at school yet very chirpy and contented with her life! That's where there's a little Riddhi in her…but nah Riddhi doesn't mix up. Abritti was herself, the teenager now Riddhi loves shopping for, revels in the outfit she wears, secretly admire her tall, athletic build and that dies for innocence!

Yes, Riddhi was diabetic, she takes pills for high blood pressure and triglycerides. Her liver parameters were shaky in the blood test. Though lazy, her lifestyle was not exactly sedentary, she had squeezed in walking, exercising, and fitness apps whenever she could. But then she loves food, the aroma the cuisines…one love sometimes she wishes she could do away and stop feeling hungry as was the trend these days. Food makes life alive but the bulging tummy and the liver, are cholesterols. Stop Riddhi her head quips…. samosa is a crime!

Of late she has made up her mind to listen to her head!

Her knees tweak with pain sometimes as she climbs the stairs! Age! The fifties would be tough. Riddhi ponders. Or she can pull through, find new ventures, new loves, would she be able to have sex…maybe not! How would be life without romance, and sex? She did not have the answers! Would it be depressing; would the dosage of pills increase… Abritti would be a young woman!  Would she and Rishav continue to bicker and make up as Abritti would watch with disgust and despair!

She would have to wait to find out! Somehow she felt life would be beautiful. With age, with insight…with more to read, more to feel!


Soma Bhattacharjee


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