Rise of Readymade Blouses!


The Rise of Readymade Blouses!

Every third person we come across these days has one line in common to say ‘Life is moving fast’. I personally feel life and time are moving at their own pace. It is we, who are involved in so many personal and official activities that we now tend to look for everything that comes in handy or readymade in nature. Be it the category of ready-to-eat food, a well-furnished house, garments and sometimes a ready-to-understand life partner as well. To cut it short, we are all looking for a readymade solution for everything.

Today’s article is about readymade blouses. This trend has really picked up the market and is quite popular among women across age groups. One can see the shops are flooded with readymade blouses and also many startups on Instagram selling the blouses. Since saree is an attire which is worn by many women, the demand for readymade blouses has immensely increased.



What has created such a high demand for readymade blouses? Of course, the key reasons are the variation it provides, and the mix-match option with many Sarees but one of the major factors driving the business is scarcity of the good tailors in the neighbourhood. A good blouse stitching can cost from Rs 1000 -2000, and in comparison, readymade blouses come pretty cheap. They come in various sizes; a bit of alteration might be needed which the sellers happily do.

Well, I happen to know a lady running a boutique who says, ‘Readymade blouses are very much in demand, a printed blouse, a brocade blouse or a multi-coloured blouse sinks well with many sarees.’

I remember, during my childhood days, my mother used to keep a black, a maroon and a white blouse. She used to team up with many sarees. But no longer women are satisfied with simple rubiya blouses.

Earlier the Saree used to be the style statement but nowadays it’s the blouse. With beautiful embroidery, cut, design, material – is a style to match, and a trend to follow. These readymade blouses have a great range to cater to everyone's needs– IKAT cotton to Indigo prints, zari work to embroidery, different neck styles, and from party to daily wear.

As far as the latest spring-summer style of 2023 is concerned, a sheer blouse is quite in trend. Also the ruched blouse and gathered high neck blouse. Surprisingly all these latest trends are available in readymade blouses. We also have a blouse with tulle sleeves, and organza sleeves, and a blouse with a floral rosette that gives a very fresh look to the attire. The evergreen embroidery blouses to team up with heavy silk sarees are the must-buys for everyone.

In India, fashion trends are set by the Indian film Industry, true for blouses also. Indian film actresses have always flaunted different styles of blouses. 

An example is the ‘butterfly knot blouse’ worn by Sharmila Tagore which became a style statement.

In the 70s blouse styles such as short puff-sleeved blouses and deep neck blouses with ties in front became popular, as donned by actors Mumtaz and Zeenat Aman respectively.

In the 80s Rekha’s magyar sleeved sari blouse with a mudpot neckline, high at the back and spreading out to form a scoop at the front, as donned by her in the movie Silsila (1981) was so popular that gained the name, ‘Rekha sari blouse’. 

In the early 1990s, the embroidered ‘choli’ blouse, nearly backless worn with solid coloured saris became a rage with the masses, when Madhuri Dixit flaunted the blouse in record-breaker numbers like ‘dhak dhak’ in the movie Beta (1992).

while late 90s Kajol’s short-sleeved blouses in lace fabric teamed with matching coloured plain chiffon saris, as viewed in the movie ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ (1998). I believe this was the blouse which started the readymade designer blouses for the masses.


How one can forget the ruffled blouse which was loved by many, in the popular song ‘Tip Tip barsa pani’ from the movie ‘Mohra’ in 1994, worn by the very beautiful Raveena Tandon, it became so popular.


In recent times, in the movie ‘Bodyguard’ ravishing Kareena Kapoor beautifully flaunted variations of blouses in the song ‘Teri meri-meri teri prem Kahani.

I often watch that song only for the lovely blouses she wore. Then, I really loved the high-neck blouse worn by gorgeous Deepika Padukone in one of the episodes of KBC.


In the 21st century, Bollywood continues to be an important factor influencing Indian fashion, also television became a major fashion influencer as it reached out to both the urban and rural masses of India. In 2003, the eye-catching blouse style was the noodle strap blouse, a signature style of TV presenter and cricket show anchor, Mandira Bedi.

Sushmita Sen’s sleeveless blouse with a low back depicted in the movie ‘Main Hoon Na’ (2004) gave ideas to women to appear sensuous by making changes in their sari blouses. In 2008, the ‘bikini choli’ became fashionable when actress Priyanka Chopra donned the style in the song ‘desi girl’ from the movie ‘Dostana’.

Did you know that a report by BBC notes that Jnanadanandini Debi, sister-in-law of poet Rabindranath Tagore, was credited for popularising blouses, jackets, chemises and modern-style sarees in India? Interesting, isn’t it?!

Since there is a plethora of categories in readymade blouses. In my opinion, there are a few blouses which every woman must have in their wardrobe. A backless blouse for those who want a safer neckline in the front, and also a Chinese collared blouse as it really looks cute.

Then we have the halter neck blouse design to give it a stunning appearance at parties or get-togethers or functions. These days I also see a lot of patchwork designed readymade blouses which are quite eye catchy.

There are some tips while choosing blouses. Always keep in mind that if you are on the heavier side, you must opt for long blouse sleeves rather than opting for sleeveless or cap-style sleeves. This will bring all the attention to your arms. This trick can make you look lighter or in good shape. Net-designed blouses also give it a very delicate and intricate appearance when summed up with a neatly worn saree and a beautifully tied-up Juda (hair design). A must-try for all!

My beautiful ladies, always remember that trends will come and go. What really matters is how you carry and match it with your saree. What I personally keep in my mind as far as the aforesaid subject is, if the blouse is heavily designed make sure the saree is a bit lighter and vice-versa. Because if you keep both heavy, you yourself will look heavier. Rest is as per your choice and how you carry it.

And ladies like I always say and believe it from my heart, ‘you look good when you feel good from within’. Reminding this mantra once again, until we come up with yet another topic for the next edition. 


Sweta Gupta






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