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Entries for Painting Challenge #2


Brush Strokes Challenge #2

Dear artists! We know that you really like drawing, so we have got interesting art challenges for you and your friends in this series, the best painting would win gift coupons and a 'Certificate of Appreciation' from StoryBerrys.



image source – pixabay


Challenge #2 :

  1. Take inspiration from the picture given, and let your imagination flow. Draw a painting using any medium. 
  2. email the photo of the painting to, with a few lines of detail about the painting.
  3. Per person only one painting will be accepted. Please send your best. 
  4. All submitted paintings will be displayed in the next edition
  5. Last date of submission: 10th May 2023
  6. The Winner will be rewarded with a 'Certificate of Appreciation' and a gift coupon.







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