Lady who wears her Culture, her Pride


Lady who wears her Culture, her Pride


Yes,. Indeed it is. We live in a country full of culture. Culture that we love and are equally proud of. And ,. What better way to keep our culture close to us than wearing it all along. Since ages our ancestors have proudly worn our culture in forms of sarees, dhotis, Sherwanis, salwar and so on. But, as we see today this very culture is slowly fading away.

I as an artist always dreamt to introduce our generation and the upcoming one to the beautiful culture we belong to. So I promote the various art forms like Pattachitra, Madhubani and etc, by painting them on Sarees as of now and by God grace many more clothing items in future too.

Painting on fabrics for the sake of art has been an ancient tradition but sarees were either woven or embroidered, which makes saree painting a rather modern innovation. However while this is a new kind of fashion, there is a huge shift in focus to tradition. In fact most of the fabric art on sarees is heavy on traditional art with forms like Madhubani, Kalamkari, Mural art, and even tribal art like Warli. For Artists, Saree painting is the new avenue, and is highly in demand. 

As responsible citizen, it's our duty to keep our heritage and culture alive for as long as we live and encourage the upcoming generation for the same too. I wearing the culture of my Country, my homeland gives me immense pride and is my slightest contribution to society and heritage.

Myself Sambedana Das Mohapatra pledge to keep my culture alive and close to my heart and promote it to my best of capacity.






Sambedana Das Mohapatra







  • Sambedana Das Mohapatra

    Sambedana Das Mohapatra a well re-known artist was invited to exhibit her artwork at the Dubai Art Festival 2023. She is a self-made artist and is filled with passion and enthusiasm regarding her art and talent. She has participated in more than 50+ online and offline exhibitions all over India and Internationally.

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