Valuable Stamps of International Personalities


Valuable Stamps of International Personalities


The stamp collection is an age-old hobby that has been in practice for many years. The hobby of collecting stamps is called PHILATELY.  Stamps have been in existence since the time postal services started, and collecting them can be a fun activity. You can collect stamps and make an album according to their chronological order. You can categorise stamps according to the year they were released, the country in which they were used, their value, etc.

Here are some valuable stamps of International Personalities from the album of collector 'Sunil Kumar' . Sunil collected these stamps during his growing age in the 80s as his hobby.

Picked up 8 Stamps from the collection of well-known International Personalities.




Note – If you are an avid collector and wish to publish your collection in 'The Tangy Times, then kindly email to


















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