Be close to Nature


Be close to Nature

“Nature never did betray the heart that loved her.” William Wordsworth

Marie curie says,” All my life through, the sight of Nature made me rejoice like a child.”

Every morning I open my window to see the green leafy plants in my garden. It feels so good watching them grow, and bloom. l am happy to be in midst of nature, every day I spend some time in my garden with vibrant coloured flowers such as red and orange hibiscus, jasmine, and deep red rose bushes, that smell like perfumes in the environment.

My home is surrounded by trees, plants, and vines. Some big trees like Neem, Guava, Asoka, and Palm are the reason many birds come to my house. I enjoy their activities and their delightful twittering in the morning and evening time.


Nature is the greatest blessing of God to humans but as we are moving towards modernisation and development, our distance from nature has increased greatly. For ages, nature has been an inspiration to many poets, writers, painters, artists, musicians, and creative people. 

Researchers say that spending some time close to nature is beneficial for our physical as well as mental health.  Being close to nature makes one healthy in every way.  Spending some time with plants and trees energizes one's mood, helps to lower one’s stress and to boost the happy hormones present in our body.

Mother nature herself provides us with such essentials without which our life is not possible. Plant some trees around you instead of placing artificial greenery. Plants are a great way to purify the air. The beauty of nature gives us a pleasant sight and positive vibes. We should motivate our children to go out and play rather than spend time in front of the screen in an air-conditioned room.

Though most of us live in apartments and there isn’t much space for big plants. Yet there are a number of small indoor plants that we can keep inside pots on our balconies as well as rooms that can help provide the feel of a green environment. They are cute and small and don’t occupy much area, but they create a positive and vibrant atmosphere.  They need less sunlight and less water.

Here are some attractive plants to decorate your room:-

*Air plants: These are very interesting plants. They occupy comparatively lesser space than other plants and don’t need pots or soil to grow. If you choose to plant them in a terrarium, make sure it has a wide opening so that it can get sufficient air circulation.

*Anthurium: They are perfect for providing a brighter look to your garden. They occupy negligible space and can survive even in short photoperiods

*Asparagus fern: These plants belong to the lily family. They need some breathing space on either side. Such plants enhance the beauty of the room.

*Baby toes: These are from the succulent family. They look unusual as they resemble an infant’s toes.

*Crassula (Mini jade): They can be grown in fancy ceramic pots. These plants have a striking resemblance to trees, in a miniature tray landscape.

*Echeveria: One of the most common types of succulents. Small plants that are easy to care, they need less water and dry soil. Can be put in ceramic pots on the tabletop.

*Alanchoe:  They are flowering plants that are known for their beautiful blooms.

They are needed to be placed near windows so that they have plenty of energy to flower. Being from succulent families, they prefer to have well-drained soil and indirect sunlight.

*Lithops: They are also called “living stones “ since these plants closely resemble small stones. They can survive in hot temperatures and little water. They need indirect sunlight. Should be well drained.

*Lucky bamboo: These can grow in soil as well as in water. If you choose to grow them in water, use filter water. and make sure to replace the water every week. And if you grow them in the soil, make sure to water them when the soil starts becoming dry. They live in Indirect sunlight.

 *Jade plants:- Jade plants are known for their thick, oval-shaped leaves. They need direct exposure to sunlight. They can live for years if they are given care. Wipe the leaves once in a while to maintain their shine.

*Money plant:- They can grow in soil as well as in water. They can be maintained easily. The leaves of these plants in water are softer than those which are in the soil. If you like to grow them in water, replace the water every week. Don’t expose them to direct sunlight.

*Peace lily:- They are able to filter the air. They are of different varieties of sizes.  They are very attractive and perfect for rooms as they need partial shade.

*Polka dot plants:- They are colourful plants that provide an unexpected beauty to the tabletop. These cute and small plants are available in pink, red and white colours. They prefer indirect sunlight.

*Snake plants:- They are natural air purifiers. They can be maintained easily, growing vertically. They are ideal for floor corners. They can grow in a variety of light conditions but are best in indirect sunlight. As they are desert plants, they can also live a long time without water. Their soil should be dry between watering.

*Spider plant: They have a lot of skinny leaves that poke out from their pots. They are ideal for hanging plants. They need indirect sunlight.

*Rubber plants: They have large leaves and vibrant colours. They can grow up to ten feet tall. To keep them at a smaller height, prune the branches and leaves regularly.

*Ixora dwarf: They are flowering plants with red, yellow and orange colours.

These plants can be grown indoors and outdoors both. With a little effort, we can decorate our home with the beauty of nature.  

Remember, what nature provides us is invaluable, we must acknowledge it.


Meenu Yatin


From my Garden








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