Gen Z : Shifting Demographics in Workforce


Gen Z : Shifting Demographics in Workforce


Across the world, the workforce is going through a major generation change with the entry of Gen Z at the workplace. Gen Z (born between 1997-2012) promises to disrupt the workplace, driving the evolution of the future of the workforce. It is estimated that within ten years Gen Z will become the dominating 70% of the workforce.



Gen Z 1997 – 2012  
Gen Y /Millennials 1981 – 1996  
Gen X 1965 – 1980


Should Organizations really worry?


At present, most of the Organizations are apprehensive about Gen Z, they are struggling to make them adapt to their organization's culture, and are expecting that sooner Gen Z will adapt to their way of working.

But they must be reminded that every ten years workforce grapples with generational changes. Each generation has its own style of working, and therefore, it is important for employers to recognize that each generation has its own set of strengths and weaknesses and needs to be treated differently.

The key challenges which every Organization goes through while managing the Generational transition

1) the older generation tries to teach the young generation their ways

2) Management struggles to handle multi-generation views and tries to bring them together in the middle of all this chaos, the young generation feels alienated, waiting to be accommodated.



Gen Z, the first truly “Digital Natives” are considered to have high creative thinking, high technological skills, and greater adaptability, but they have seen their parents go through the globalization challenges and the recent Pandemic, hence they prioritize health and well-being over work. They want more flexibility, personal space, quick career growth, impactful work, Diversity and Inclusion, and being Socially conscious.

But most Gen Z considers their organizations as old-fashioned, slow to change, and lacking innovation – which is not appealing to them.




Do Organizations have any Choice?

Most organizations want the new Gen to adapt to their work culture. They are doing lip service in the name of the generation gap closing – opening some cafes, colourful cubicles, and some lingo changes etc.  But in reality, it's the Cultural shift the Organizations must have. When Gen Z is going to take over the realm, then it's better that Organizations look for innovative approaches to pass the baton to Gen Z. By acknowledging this fact, companies can create a more inclusive environment where Gen Z feels accommodated, valued and respected.

It’s important to understand that each generation has its own unique characteristics, so it’s crucial for companies to find ways to capitalize on those differences. It is imperative that the old leaves would surely fall, the new leaves would come, and the new leaves would decide their own way.



Rakhi Sunil Kumar



This is in series to my research paper A study of Nextgen ‘Balance of Life’ Workplace in Indian Organizations published by the International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications. The research paper can be downloaded







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