Eyes …. Colour Eyes, Baby!


Eyes …. Colour Eyes, Baby!

What is the first thing we look at a person while communicating? Yes, you guessed it right. It is the Eyes! Before we commence verbally, we communicate through this medium. I believe it is the door to reading our minds.

Am sure many of us must have understood by now that eye contact or a direct gaze is associated with confidence, interest, and attraction, and it makes us feel more engaged. On the contrary, an averted gaze of looking away is related to a lack of confidence, rejection, and being socially ostracized. I personally feel such people are either trying to hide something or at times they are too shy to open up. It again differs as per the situation, place and individual.

The last year 2022, we loved the ‘barely-there’ makeup look. Of course, there were gloss, blush and eye makeup as per the occasion. 2023 brings with it a completely new trend as far as Eye makeup is concerned. This year we are thinking of popping pastels, big lashes and grungy shadows. It is inspired by the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000s.

Am sure all of us must have seen the movie ‘Pathaan’ and danced to the tune of ‘jhoome jo pathaan’, Well, how one can miss, Deepika had put on the grungy shadow look and swayed most of us with her glam grunge look.

Last year the fox/siren eye trend was allured by many but this year ‘doe Eyes’ have been threatening to steal the limelight. I searched a bit on social media and came to know that there is so much trendy Eye makeup this season. Did you know that ‘tired Eyes/sleepy Eyes’ has become a trend now? At the same time ‘upside down Eyeshadow’ is quite in. In fact, it is a fun way to add a pop of colour to your look. Also ‘Coquette makeup’ is here to stay because it can be worn by anyone.

Since we are talking about Eye makeup, how can we not mention the very popular owner of Sugar- Vineeta Singh, who has beautifully flaunted her own brand on her pretty Eyes with neon shades of Eyeliners in ‘Shark Tank India- Season 2’.

This season we also have the ‘falsie effect mascara’ look, one has to use at least three layers of mascara and don’t forget the bottom lashes for that perfect look! This reminds me of our dimpled cheek lady- Preity Zinta who had carried this look in the movie ‘Veer Zaara’.

This year we also have the ‘pastel Eyeshadows’. I believe this trend was inspired by the 80’s.  I have memories of the evergreen veteran actress Rekha ji, who changed the trend of makeup from the movie ‘Khoon bhari maang’. Her appearance was a trendsetter during that time.

Did you also know, ‘invisible Eyeliner’ is also a kind of look, which is quite trendy this season? Yes, you read it correctly. This is simply a hack to add definition to the eyes and dimension to the face, in a very minimal manner. The idea behind the trend is to use a light shade of concealer instead of a dark liner. And there you are!

To all my beautiful ladies reading this write-up, just let your hair down, put on your perfect Eye makeup and remember this lovely track of ‘in ankhon ki masti ke, mastane hazaron hai’. And like I always say and strongly believe, when you feel good you look good!


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