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‘Jagte Raho'


In this series, I will share a few of my favourite and memorable scenes from the Movies. 

The first one is from the 1956 classic JAGTE RAHO made by Raj Kapoor and directed by Amit and Sombhu Mitra.

The movie is about a poor peasant (Kapoor) from the village, who comes to the city in search of work, is looking for some water to quench his thirst. He enters an apartment complex, whose residents take him for a thief and chase him. He runs from one flat to the other trying to escape his predicament. Along the way, he witnesses many shady undertakings in the flats where he hides. Ironically, these crimes are being committed by the so-called “respectable” citizens of the city, who by day, lead a life totally in contrast to their night deeds behind closed doors.


He is shocked by these events and tries to escape by evading the search parties that are patrolling the apartment building in search of the elusive thief. He is unfortunately seen, and people chase him to the roof of the building.

Taking the help of exaggerated but extremely hilarious incidents, the movie throws light on the hypocritic world and the so-called cultured society doing various illegal activities.


One of the iconic and memorable scenes from the movie goes like this –

The poor villager is escaping from house to house and floor to floor. When getting on to another floor, he hears the footsteps of the marching squad. He looks for someplace to hide. He gets one three feet high drum in a flat of a drunkard and as a last resort to save himself, he hides inside the drum. There is a hole at the eye level through which the villager watches the movement of persons around.


The residents have formed their squads and they are patrolling their floors by marching like army men. While doing so, they notice the drum in the corridor of the floor. One person knocks on the door near the drum to request the owner to take the drum aside as it is hampering the marching of the patrol squad.

The resident of the flat refuses flatly as it is not his drum. The leader knocks on the next neighbour asking them to move the drum to one side. They also deny the responsibility saying the drum is not theirs. The other neighbour overhears the dialogue. When this family realizes the drum does not belong even to the other family, they get interested in the drum and they come out pulling the drum near their house. Now, there starts a quarrel first and then a fight between various members of the two families. The marching patrol moves further and this fight between the two neighbours gets more serious.

Meanwhile, the poor villager under the drum notices that no one is watching the drum, he moves close to the stairs, and at an opportune time, the villager comes out of the drum and runs to some other place for safety.

‘Jagate Raho’ is a classic movie with excellent acting and superb music that makes a strong statement on our society's hypocritical behaviour.


Vijay Likhite





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